Bummage and Rummage

This imaginary store was made with a particular location in mind. On a visit to the campus of the University of Cincinnati, I happened down Vine St. The youthful and edgy atmosphere created by the students, juxtaposed with the historical complexities of the buildings that lined the street, created an amazingly vibrant atmosphere. I took inspiration from this scene as well as a friend of mine (who has created his own “style” titled "Bummage" in which he wears holy jeans, beanies, and flannels). Bummage and Rummage was the result. It’s a small boutique on Vine Street that sells only gently used wares ranging from personal fashion and accessories to home furnishing. This imaginary and environmentally friendly business has a hip “green” identity system to match.

Medium: chipboard, butcher paper, textile, magazine